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Waterford Backs Any Calls To Lockdown That Kip Kilkenny

IN RESPONSE to the possibility that towns experiencing clusters of Covid-19 cases could face a ‘localised lockdown’, Waterford has volunteered Kilkenny as an immediate ‘test case’ for such restrictions. Although authorities pointed out to Waterford natives that the county of Kilkenny was not one of the towns currently seeing a cluster emerge, that didn’t stop… Read more »

The Pros & Cons Of Keeping Pubs Closed

THE TAOISEACH made the reluctant decision to delay the reopening of pubs for at least another 3 weeks, prompting auld lads at the end of bars to spontaneously combust from blind rage. But with Covid-19 cases on the rise here and elsewhere, many believe there are only easy, simple and obvious measures to put in… Read more »

How To Perform A Government Policy U-Turn

WITH the coalition government confirming that PUP recipients will no longer have their payments cancelled if they are found to have murdered someone gone on holidays, the government has performed its latest in a series of embarrassing headline-grabbing U-turns. Have you recently made a decision or taken an action you’ve since regretted? Perhaps the government’s… Read more »

The Highlights From The Government’s July Stimulus Package

IT’S the moment struggling businesses, people and microorganisms have been waiting for, today marks the unveiling of the Irish government’s comprehensive mutli-billion ‘July stimulus’ package aimed at supporting and reinvigorating the Irish economy and society at large. Coming a full 23 days into the month of July, the quick acting coalition government has bowled the… Read more »

“If You’re Confused By Our Travel Advice, Wait Until You See What We’ve Planned For Schools”

THE IRISH government has today forewarned the public that if the abysmal, confusing and contradictory information around traveling in and out of the country has left them tearing their hair out and eating their disinfected passports, then they really aren’t prepared for the government’s plans for reopening schools. “You ain’t seen nothing yet,” warned Minister… Read more »

Staycationing: A Guide

COVID-19 has brought a host of new phrases into our lives since its arrival, from ‘social distancing’ to ‘substantial meals’ to ‘sneeze into your arm, you dirty fucker’. But one strikes more fear and uncertainty into the hearts of people than ‘staycationing’, a statement that is chock-full of potential disaster. The notion of holidaying in… Read more »