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Funeral Etiquette During Covid-19 As Advised By Sinn Féin

IT CAN be hard to know how to correctly follow very clear guidelines on things such as attending funerals during the continuing presence and risk of Covid-19 on the island of Ireland. Thankfully, Sinn Féin is here to help you artfully navigate through the dos and don’ts of funeral attendance and the proper etiquette which… Read more »

Cockfighting, Extramarital Affairs & Road Bowls; Here’s What Phase 3 Means For You

AS Phase 3 of the government’s 4-phase re-opening of the country kicks into place today, here’s what the nation can finally start doing again after months of Covid-enforced lockdown: 1. All cockfighting, lurching, salmon poaching, off-season hunting, fox-lamping, badger baiting and elk-stabbings can once again take place, hopefully bringing the nation’s wildlife into check after… Read more »

Where Are They Now: Covid-19

“I JUST feel like I let the entire Coronavirus name down” sighs a jaded, beaten-down Covid-19 virus as it gazed over the shimmering water of a lake beside the small, ruined shack it retreated to after its humiliating defeat by the World Health Organisation. “I had a shot to really stick it to humanity, really… Read more »

Varadkar Responds To Speech Critics By Asking Who Lives In A Pineapple Under The Sea

CURRENT Taoiseach Leo Varadkar has rubbished claims that his use of a Mean Girls quote was ‘inappropriate’ in a speech about Coivd-19 restrictions during TDs questions this morning, adamant that the opposition are using anything they can to discredit the amazing work he’s done during the Coronavirus outbreak. “There are many people who aren’t asking… Read more »

Can Budgies Babysit? Your Childcare Questions Answered

WITH new research carried out by the Oireachtas research unit suggesting that the introduction of a universal, public childcare scheme would be beneficial for working parents looking for universal, public childcare, WWN is on hand to answer all of your current questions relating to what to do with your children while waiting for the government… Read more »

Djokovic Signs Record Nike Ventilator Deal

THERE was a moment of panic for world tennis number 1 Novac Djokovic today after being informed that he had tested positive, followed by immediate relief when he learned that it was only for Coronavirus. Djokovic received his diagnosis midway through his own tennis tournament which drew crowds of thousands and had been criticised for… Read more »