Vindication For Man Who Said ‘It’s Just The Flu’ As Covid-19 Cases Reach 20 Million Worldwide


WEARING a grin wider than the Atlantic ocean, one self-anointed ‘takes no shit straight-talker’ is celebrating having called out Covid-19 overreaction from the very start as the ‘just the flu’ reached a measly 20 million cases and 730,000 deaths worldwide.

“I don’t take pleasure in being right, but I think you’ll find a lot of people owe me a big apology,” confirmed Gary Pender, who gained his immunology degree from a Facebook group called ‘The rel truth About 5G Vac scenes’ and couldn’t help but laugh at how the entire world’s movement, economies and societies were essentially shut down for months and all for a flu which disappeared without a trace months ago as he predicted.

The fallout resulting from Pender’s resounding vindication has been seismic, with the Waterford local offered the top job at the WHO.

“He’s made us look like a bunch of fucking idiots, it’s only fair” conceded now former WHO head Tedros Adhanom Ghebreyesus, punching a hole in the wall.

Pender is set to overhaul and restructure the WHO so it concentrates fully on responding to smug assholes on Facebook who had the cheek to suggest he was wrong, bringing an end to the health body wasting its time with pathetic claims of ‘this will continue to kill people, we must act’, ‘governments are not doing enough’ and ‘wash your hands, wear masks, listen to experts’.

“Oh and let me tell the real deal about that Beirut stuff,” Pender continued, in between continued sweating and dry coughing.