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Trump Places Tariff On Coronavirus

IN much-needed good news for the USA, President Donald Trump announced yesterday that he is to impose a heavy fee on China for each and every US citizen confirmed to have contracted the Coronavirus, giving a much-needed boost to the on-the-ropes American economy. Millions of Americans had up to this point felt enormous fear and… Read more »

The Trump Guide To Handling A Pandemic

THANKS to president Donald Trump America has moved from a status ‘this is a non-existent problem made up by the evil leftie socialists to scare the stock market’ two weeks ago to ‘here’s how to decide which child to eat first when you run out of food’ today. Any world leader looking to replicate the… Read more »

Trump Hails ‘Positive’ Talks With Covid-19

EMERGING from a fresh meeting, a pale US president Donald Trump coughed and spluttered his way through the welcome news the entire world was waiting for; given the opportunity to simply sit down and talk with the Covid-19 strain of coronavirus, an agreement with the virus to simply voluntarily cease spreading could be achieved. “I… Read more »

ALERT: Americans With Coronavirus Symptoms Are Being Asked To Cough Directly Onto President Trump

US HEALTH officials grappling with containing the spread of the Coronavirus have issued a number of emergency alerts to citizens in an effort to keep the public up to date and informed on the troubling disease. Chief among the alerts was an appeal for all those experiencing symptoms associated with Coronavirus such as fever, coughing… Read more »

Trump Posthumously Pardons Jeffrey Epstein

THE PRESIDENTIAL pardons recently put in motion by Donald Trump continue apace with his most high profile pardon now extending to deceased old acquaintance and notorious sex trafficker Jeffrey Epstein. Not content with releasing some swamp monsters back into an undrained swamp by pardoning a corrupt politician guilty of trying to sell a Senate seat… Read more »

Exclusive: Inside Trump’s War Room

THE IRANIAN military has hit US bases in Iraq. Ballistic missiles fizzed through the sky on their way to making explosive impact on Iraqi soil, the Middle East, and political stability across the world. When such catastrophic things occur, there’s only place you’ll find the president of the United States and that’s in the ‘situation… Read more »