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Squidgy Smug Faced Arse Pile Makes TV Return

REPEATING claims he’s being censored by the media on yet another internationally syndicated talk show brandishing his name, squidgy smug faced arse pile, Piers Morgan, makes his 47th return to television, WWN reports. “They’re tried to silence me but now I’m back!” Morgan stated incorrectly, forgetting a litany of similar failed television roles he has… Read more »

Idiot Impeached For Withholding Military Aid From Ukraine Says He Would Have Stopped Putin

A MONUMENTAL idiot with a desiccated turd for a brain has declared that he would have prevented Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine. The pea-brained room-temperature-IQ-wielding-wart said this with words from his own mouth despite the fact that he was impeached for threatening to withhold vital military aid to Ukraine until its president agreed to launch… Read more »

The Full List Of Trump’s Pardons

OUTGOING US president Donald Trump has been making use of his ability to issue pardons, with Steve Bannon among many others availing of close association with the president and crimes to be made free from federal prosecution. With allegations that he is charging $2 million for a pardon are as of yet unfounded, WWN presents… Read more »