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Coping With Post-Trumpmatic Stress, A Guide

AS THE world picks up the pieces of whatever remains of Western democracy following the 4 year administration of Donald Trump, psychotherapists and psychiatrists alike have called on the emotionally shattered world to come together and cope with its ‘post-trumpmatic stress’ using this handy guide below: Normally, the first step to dealing with post-traumatic stress… Read more »

Trump Emerges From White House In Homemade Armor, Guns Blazing

PRESIDENT Donald Trump’s angry rants about the probable outcome of the US presidential election has been revealed to be a clever distraction tactic to buy himself time while he constructed a bulletproof coat of armor in which to escape the White House, it has been revealed. “You’re not taking this president without a fight” roared… Read more »

“It’s A Fraud” Claims World Famous Fraud

DONALD TRUMP, the world’s preeminent expert on perpetrating deception, chicanery and fraud on expectant people has today falsely claimed that the counting of citizens’ votes as part of a democratic election is ‘fraud’. The US president for now, who knows what happens next, is believed to know something about fraud having paid $25 million in… Read more »

Trump Takes Ball, Goes Home

CURRENT US president Donald Trump has adopted a time-tested and highly effective method of ending a contest before it’s over in a bid to cling onto power, citing that it’s getting dark and it’s time to wrap things up and just say he’s won. In a move that shocked nobody, Trump declared victory after briefly… Read more »

Americans Urged To Hide Any Breakables For The Next Few Weeks

AS Walmart stores across America begin to take guns and ammunition off their shelves as a precaution against any potential civil unrest arising from the US presidential election, thousands of Americans continue to brace themselves for what is being described as ‘a potential fan-meeting-feces interaction of biblical proportions’. Across America, there are reports of: People… Read more »