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“Be Mad Funny Though If He Wins” Confirms Local Man

CHUCKLING to himself at the hilarious overreaction he’s seeing on his social media feeds from friends, and his aunt who lives in Texas, local Waterford man Niall Dollan reckons that it will be hilarious if Trump wins though. “C’mon though it’d be gas craic, he does be saying some mad shit,” explained Dollan, delighting in… Read more »

World Watches On, Helpless

“SHIT, buckle up here we go” shared the non-American portion of the world as gluttons for punishment everywhere made the conscious decision to watch on helplessly at wall-to-wall US election coverage. People, hiding behind couches and watching through gaps in their hands placed over faces, decided that what they need now in these trying times… Read more »

Trump V Biden: The Differences

ON THE EVE of what is being dubbed the most important US presidential election in living memory many people are seeking to understand just what the two candidates stand for and what differences, if any, there are. With many notable differences, there choice couldn’t be starker as WWN’s guide on the key issues explains: Covid-19… Read more »

Final US Presidential Debate To Be Done In Mime

WITH NEWS that US presidential debate organisers plan on muting candidates’ microphones whenever there’s an interruption, it has now been confirmed that the final debate will as a result take place entirely through the art form of mime. “We could sit here and pretend like Agent Orange isn’t going to just interrupt for 90 minutes… Read more »

Everything You Need To Know About Amy Coney Barrett

THE 48-YEAR-OLD judge is currently undergoing a grilling by the US Senate in her confirmation hearing for the US Supreme Court, here’s everything you need to know about Amy Coney Barrett: – Of strict Catholic faith and belonging to a conservative and clandestine religious group, believes life begins at point of ejaculation. – First time… Read more »