Movers Seen Taking Tanning Bed Out Of Oval Office


A LOCAL Washington DC furniture removal firm has been pictured removing a tanning bed from one of the most sought after properties in the US, the White House, amid reports the current tenant is in a dispute with the landlord of the property, the American people.

The tenant is in the middle of being served a perfectly legal notice period after 4 years at the property but has claimed he doesn’t have to leave citing a rarely used legal argument known as ‘that’s not fair’.

Despite this, movers have already begun to remove a number of items belonging to the tenant including a tanning bed, industrial quantities of bleach, a wig collection to rival Moira Rose, cockroaches and two haunted Victorian dolls by the name of Jared and Ivanka.

“Jeez, you want to see the mess this guy has made of the place, I’ve never seen anything like it,” remarked one mover from We’ll Put Your Junk In Our Trunk, who doesn’t envy the next tenant who will probably have to clean all this up.

According to the landlord neighbours have constantly lodged complaints about the tenant, and should have been evicted when he was impeached. Neighbours had also complained of hearing loud temper tantrums and as recently as last night loud and pathetic sobbing.

Those who know the tenant describe him as a layabout who spent all day watching TV and scrolling Twitter, it did not appear he had a job and in conflict with the terms of his lease, he moved his extended family into the property.

It is believed the news he has to vacate the property has proved an especially tough blow to the tenant as he is being evicted in the middle of a pandemic and at a time when the government has all but abandoned its citizens, who have been waiting on a second Coronavirus stimulus package for some time.