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Sinn Féin Launches RepubliCoin Cryptocurrency

ADAPTING to the future and revolutionising their ability to fundraise, Sinn Féin have officially entered to cryptocurrency market. “We have to look into these alternatives in fairness, lads who donate €4mn to a political party in their will don’t grow on trees,” said Pearse Doherty at RepubliCoin’s launch. Financial experts have described the move as… Read more »

Government Celebrate Winning Confidence Vote By Ramming Through Planning Laws Only Developers Want

HAVING breezed through Sinn Féin’s 142nd attempt at passing a vote of no confidence in the coalition, the Micheál Martin fronted government celebrated by ramming through a planning bill which every single interested party that isn’t a money grabbing developer has labeled ‘a disaster’. “It just feels like the perfect way to say fuck you,”… Read more »

Sinn Féin Reconsidering Stance On United Ireland Next

LOOKING to further solidify their gains in the polls, Sinn Féin are to further tempt prospective voters, disappointed with coalition parties, over to the Tiocfaidh Ár Lá side by abandoning their Tiocfaidh Ár Lá-ness. “It’ll need party ratification, but we’re accelerating the timeline in which opposition parties drop key principles for power’s sake much to… Read more »