Sinn Féin Reconsidering Stance On United Ireland Next


LOOKING to further solidify their gains in the polls, Sinn Féin are to further tempt prospective voters, disappointed with coalition parties, over to the Tiocfaidh Ár Lá side by abandoning their Tiocfaidh Ár Lá-ness.

“It’ll need party ratification, but we’re accelerating the timeline in which opposition parties drop key principles for power’s sake much to the displeasure of grassroots support,” shared a Sinn Féin spokesperson

“There was the Special Criminal Court stuff and the United Ireland is next. Sure, we won’t campaign against it but if anyone asks if it’s a dealer break for us, we’ll shrug the shoulders and say ‘nah’ I guess,” added the spokesperson erasing the 4,000 plus pro-32 county Republic slogans from a SF shared doc on Google Drive.

Asked if it will be a major stumbling block for existing supporters, the spokesperson said they’re well used it citing their voting record on abortion in the North.

The move has been likened to similar steps taken by other political parties when pursuing more moderate swing voters with Labour previously abandoning all principles which made them a left leaning party and US Republicans abandoning all reality.

“32 county Republic, maybe a 27 county Republic to start with in 2035, 2050 who knows. And we’ll go from there, honestly, we’re pretty chilled out about it now,” confirmed party leader Mary Lou McDonald.