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Republican Fundamentalists Vow To Decapitate Cartoonist Depicting Prophet McDonald

A SLEEPER cell of devout McDonaldists have vowed to exterminate the cartoonist responsible for creating an image of the prophet Mary Lou McDonald which was published in the Sunday Independent, WWN has learned. Calling for the immediate deaths of all non-believers involved in the publication of the image, the group, who call themselves the ‘Tallaght… Read more »

“Of Course, We’ve Been Battling Insurance Companies For Years” Claims Varadkar As Pearse Doherty Bursts Into Flames

SINN Féin delegates are today wondering if TD Pearse Doherty will ever emerge from his coma after suffering what is being described as a ‘rage stroke’ brought on by listening to Tánaiste Leo Varadkar talk about how it was his ‘personal mission in life’ to combat soaring insurance prices. “When I heard about insurance companies… Read more »

Brian Stanley Ordered To Put A Euro In The RA Jar

SINN Féin have assured the media, the government and the public that they’re taking the Brian Stanley Twitter controversy seriously, and will make sure the Laois-Offaly TD will think twice about glorifying IRA violence the next time. “Brian knows the deal; any time you say ‘up the ra’ or make a statement that is up-the-ra-ish… Read more »

Taoiseach Replaces Varadkar’s Face Mask With A Muzzle

ROLLING his eyes towards the heavens yet again Taoiseach Micheál Martin has ordered government officials to restrain Tánaiste Leo Varadkar so he can swap out his face mask for a muzzle, WWN understands. “If you’re not undermining me and the government by leaking every-fucking-thing to the press you’re tweeting about how middle class white guys… Read more »