Mourinho Admits To Playing Mind Games On Himself

CHELSEA’S car crash season continued apace last night after Jose Mourinho’s men lost away to Porto, the club where he first made his name and etched it into footballing history. Mourinho has used a baffling array of excuses in an effort to distract from the London club’s disastrous start to the season, but last night… Read more »

WWN Guide To Owning A Dangerous Dog

SOMETIMES walking around town with your top off on a day that isn’t very sunny while drinking a can of Monster energy drink and spitting every five seconds isn’t enough to inform the world that you’re a proper hard bastard. Sometimes, all the tribal tattoos and gold jewelry in the world doesn’t get across the… Read more »

Obama & Putin Arm Wrestle Over Differences On Syria

INTERNATIONAL leaders clogged up the doorway entrance to a meeting of the UN General Assembly after rumours swirled throughout the building of a scarcely believable event: an arm wrestling match up between Barack Obama and Vladimir Putin. Eager to get the best available seats in a UN meeting room, leaders including Angela Merkel and Francois… Read more »