Local Man Asked ‘What Are Your Weaknesses’ In Interview Still Talking 1 Hour Later


A DUBLIN man who came within seconds of securing employment successfully talked himself out of a job after being asked to list his weaknesses, WWN has learned.

Cormac Shields, 29, had been manfully navigating a series of tough and probing questions in his interview with Griffin Consultants before the addition of one final question derailed his quest for employment.

“Sorry to ask this, but it’s one of those silly cliche ones we’re forced to ask; ‘what is your weakness?'” queried interviewer Margaret Bollen, who had been impressed by Shields up until this point.

Slightly mishearing the question Shields began listing off not one, but all of his weaknesses, extending the interview by some 60 minutes or so.

“Once I’ve cleared the 6 month probation in a place I immediately begin coasting at work, you’ll get like 1, maybe 2 solid hours of work out of me in a week. I know I smell alright today but I’m happy to wallow in my own filth for days on end, I don’t really know any sciencey stuff. Like, yeah, I believe in climate change and stuff, but I like, honestly don’t have a clue what it is really, I just say ‘yeah’ ‘cus I know I’ll get stick from the lads if I don’t,” Shields began, the pace of his speech only quickening as he listed off weakness after weakness.

“I’m fairly certain I’m incapable of feeling love, in my last job I wrote down that I left, but really I set the bin in the kitchen on fire by accident and instead of telling anyone I panicked and ran away… the whole place burned down. Once when I was 13 I punched a cat, I’m not proud of it, but I would class it as a weakness, yeah,” Shields continued to the bafflement of the 3-person interview panel.

“If I see a woman eating a banana, I will get aroused – can’t help it. I can never lick an envelope properly, it’ll never quite seal up to my liking. I’m a really odd looking runner, can’t seem to run without looking like a tit. I lied about 70% of CV,” Shields added.

With no end in sight Shields is estimated to be some 90 minutes away from running out of things to list off.