UFC Send In Army To Retrieve Featherweight Belt From Conor McGregor


FOLLOWING the UFC’s decision, in conjunction with Conor McGregor, to strip the Irishman of his featherweight belt, the MMA organisation has made the unusual move of hiring a private military to retrieve the belt.

“We’re just so thankful that in this case it was a mutual decision between ourselves and Conor, it just shows you how smoothly this organisation is run,” Dana White explained, as the number of trained military personnel swelled in numbers either side of him.

Surrounding McGregor’s residence while setting off flash charges and smoke bombs, a well drilled military outfit stormed the building which the Dubliner was occupying in a bid to ensure a hassle free and uncontentious handover of one of the fighters two belts.

“The hiring of the army is just something we do with all belt handovers, I think reports that Conor isn’t happy and may be reluctant to hand it back are wildly inaccurate,” White added while running for cover as the first of several mortar shells struck McGregor’s home.

Cries of ‘you’ll do nothing, you’ll never take me alive’ were heard from inside the compound which were followed shortly by the sight of several military personnel being flung from the building by a figure closely resembling McGregor.

White denied that the presence of a separate military unit comprised of highly trained ninja assassins were merely in attendance to increase the hype surrounding the belt retrieval.

The UFC later confirmed the storming of McGregor’s home broke UFC fight pass and paper per view records.