Advisors Beg Trump Not To Open A Snapchat Account


SENIOR advisors to president-elect Donald Trump are currently locked in an ongoing debate which has just entered its 12th hour, in which they are begging him to reconsider opening an Snapchat account.

Trump, who often uses his Twitter account to tweet out statements bereft of fact and rooted in only the merest of realities, made it clear to his aides that he wished to open a profile on the popular social media platform Snapchat, because he ‘wanted to get his message out to a younger audience and also use that filter that makes him look like a dog’.

Well aware of the damage he stands to cause himself if let loose on another social media platform, the Trump Social Media Damage Control Team (TSMDCT) have pulled out all the stops in a bid to keep the Donald on Twitter where they can keep some sort of order on him.

“We’ve told him that Snapchat is just for Democrats and poor people,” said one spokesperson for the TSMDCT.

“We’ve said oh no, Mr. president-elect, you’re way too important to lower yourself to something like Snapchat. In reality, we just know what he’ll be like if he’s on a platform where the posts disappear after a day. He’ll think that means people forget he ever said it, although in fairness, he’s gotten away with so much for so long, you’d forgive him for thinking that”.

The TSMDCT also pointed out to Mr. Trump that the handle ‘DonaldTrump’ was taken and that he didn’t want to lower himself to settling for ‘DonaldTrump1946’.