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POLL: Should NPHET Now Be Disbanded?

Following calls by Fianna Fáil TD Paul McAuliffe for NPHET to be disbanded now some people have gotten a vaccine, discussion surrounding the team intensifies. A very sensible decision if the volatile anf constantly evolving nature of the Coronavirus pandemic is anything to go by – the age of experts in public life is thankfully… Read more »

Poll: What Should We Call The New Celtic Tiger?

LADS, the good times are back, and they are back in style! House prices are soaring at uncontrollable levels, the country feels like it is awash with money again… it truly is the second coming of the fabled Celtic Tiger, the legendary personification of Ireland’s booming economy from 15 years ago. The history books are… Read more »

POLL: Do You Require More Time?

Sorry, we’ve noticed it’s taking you over 30 seconds to enter a series of important numbers which will determine where all that money you’re holding in your hand goes. Do you require more time, you useless excuse for a human being?

POLL: What’s Your Favourite Ethnic Minority To Scoff At In Internet Comment Sections?

WITH Ireland only recently gaining a civilised status last century after years of religious oppression, civil war and vast immigration, it is now time to saddle up on that high horse of yours, grazing on higher moral ground, and gracefully put down those ethnic minorities that modern day society has thankfully left behind. Sure, we’ve only decrimilised homosexuality 26 years ago, and yes,… Read more »

Poll: Have You Spent Enough Money Yet?

WITH the amount of shopping days left until Christmas ticking down, down, down, many people may be getting the sinking feeling that they haven’t fulfilled their duties as good consumers yet. Have you been keeping a tally of how much you’ve spent so far? Are your presents expensive enough to let your loved ones know… Read more »