Poll: What Should We Call The New Celtic Tiger?


LADS, the good times are back, and they are back in style! House prices are soaring at uncontrollable levels, the country feels like it is awash with money again… it truly is the second coming of the fabled Celtic Tiger, the legendary personification of Ireland’s booming economy from 15 years ago.

The history books are scarce on details as to how the last Celtic Tiger era ended up, but we’re assuming everything was fine and everyone was happy. Nevertheless, the media has been instructed not to use the phrase ‘Celtic Tiger’ when reporting on how awesome everything is these days and how everyone should invest their cash in property once again. Something about ‘warning signs’ this and ‘negative connotations’ that,look, as long as these good times roll on forever like we know they will, we don’t care what it’s called!

So go on, pick one of the following names, and spend spend spend:

POLL: What Should We Call The New Celtic Tiger?

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