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POLL: Is It Wrong To Be Attracted To The Green M&M?

A GROWING number of people have come forward in recent weeks to confess their desire for the green M&M known as Ms Green. The delicious chocolate treat joins the female bunny from Space Jam, Jessica Rabbit and every anime character in existence in being on the receiving end of infatuation from men.

POLL: Can The Eurovision Go Fuck Itself?

ONCE a celebration of taste and talent, the Eurovision Song contest has descended into a gaudy monstrosity where dozens of countries send forward a committee-approved act at enormous cost to prostitute themselves for points on a stage shared with juggling grannies and skateboarding dogs. Regardless of how far the Eurovision has fallen, Ireland still holds… Read more »

POLL: Butter, Mayonnaise?

WOW. Holy crap. The most beautiful girl you’ve ever seen in your life is right in front of you, making sandwiches at a deli counter in Spar. How is this girl not a model? How has some talent agent not ‘discovered’ her, taking her far from this life of chicken fillet rolls, far away to… Read more »

POLL: Who Do You Want To Go On Strike Next?

LUAS drivers do it… Tesco workers do it… even the boys and girls in blue try to do it… let’s do it… let’s go on strike! With more and more members of the country’s workforce suddenly realising that they’ve bore the brunt of years of cutbacks and wage freezes while higher-ups fan themselves with wads… Read more »