Poll: Are You Letting Your Daughter Out Like That?


HAVING assessed your young daughter’s outfit at length with our friends, we have the following question to ask you… are you seriously letting her out like that?

We accept that she’s a young girl who may be trying to follow the fashion trends of her friends or even maybe, just maybe enjoying the freedom and liberation of being old enough to make her own choices, but we and our fellow members of the decent public society think she looks like a sex worker. And not an expensive one, ha ha. Yes, we looked at a young girl and made that assessment. But enough about judging us; let’s judge you again.

Look, we’re not saying that she should be ashamed of herself. We’re saying that you all should be ashamed, as a family. We’ve had a discussion about what sort of house you’re running over there, and it’s miles away from our house, which is spotless and completely without fault.

So we ask you again; are you letting your daughter out like that?

Are you letting your daughter out like that?

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