POLL: What’s Your Favourite Ethnic Minority To Scoff At In Internet Comment Sections?


WITH Ireland only recently gaining a civilised status last century after years of religious oppression, civil war and vast immigration, it is now time to saddle up on that high horse of yours, grazing on higher moral ground, and gracefully put down those ethnic minorities that modern day society has thankfully left behind.

Sure, we’ve only decrimilised homosexuality 26 years ago, and yes, the last Magdalene laundry just closed in 1999, and of course, we have one of those most corrupt reputations in the world when it comes to gang crime, terrorism, business, finance and politics, but don’t we deserve to be able to say what we want about those we perceive to be worse people than we are? Absolutely.

Please take this poll to make you feel better about yourself and all you have achieved in your glorious life so far.

POLL: What's Your Favourite Ethnic Minority To Scoff At In Comment Sections?

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