Hungover Man Spends Day Watching Weird Shit On YouTube


A County Waterford man is expected to remain on the couch for the majority of the day watching weird YouTube videos while nursing a considerable hangover, WWN has learned.

Colm O’Brien, who went out for the one last night, but ended home at 4am, peeled himself off the bed at 2pm today in a bid to source some water, Panadol, anything to get him through his thumping headache and inability to think of anything but the pain.

After several agonising minutes searching for the plug part of his charger, O’Brien slithered into his dark sitting room, curtains closed in a bid to hide from any unsuspecting callers, sales people, leaving them ajar enough for his pizza order later.

“Why don’t takeaways open before 5pm?” he muttered to himself, closing his Just Eat app in disgust, “suppose I better throw on some shite on YouTube to pass the time”.

Carefully scrolling through DanTDM recommendations and epic fails compilations – previously searched for by his young children – O’Brien’s channel listings for UFOs, ancient civilisations and David Icke finally popped up.

“Ah yes! Elongated alien skulls from Peru!” he exclaimed, now pulling the lever to recline his chair, “I might throw on some illuminati stuff after this, see what the new world order are up to these days”.

However, the attention of the son of two was then diverted to a recommended video about some 19 year old talking about his first DMT trip.

“I’d give that stuff a right lash, so I would,” he said, before suddenly getting that electric shock, stroke thing in his head that he always gets when he’s hungover, “ah fuck this, I’m never drinking again”.