POLL: Is It Fianna Fáil’s Turn Again To Poorly Run The Country?


HAVE you grown tired of the lacklustre efforts of the current ramshackle Fine Gael government to solve myriad problems facing the Nation? Yes? Then you may be asking yourself if it’s Fianna Fáil’s turn to run the country poorly.

While many people still have fresh memories of the last Fianna Fáil led government and all ways they ran the country poorly, which are very different to how Fine Gael, who couldn’t be any more different from Fianna Fáil, are currently cocking things up.

In order to gather a more definitive answer from the public, we pose the question directly to you, our readers:

Is it Fianna Fáil’s turn again to poorly run the country?

POLL: Is It Fianna Fáil's Turn Again To Poorly Run The Country?

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