The 5 Times It’s Alright To Use Your Phone While Driving

EVERYONE knows that using your mobile phone while driving is extremely dangerous, and can lead to accidents, casualties and death. Which is why you should only check your phone under the following circumstances: 1) When you’re sure nothing is going to happen in the next while Driving requires all your skill and concentration, most of… Read more »

Fun & Games To Continue Despite Threat Of Eye Loss

A DEFIANT group of children have weighed up the great time they’re having right now against the apparent threat of eye loss, and have decided to continue their fun & games until such a thing actually occurs. Martin Lennon, 9, and his twin cousins Jack and Harry, both 8, have spent the greater part of… Read more »

Irish Celebrity Thinks He’s ‘Famous’ Famous

SELF-CONFESSED celebrity and Irish person Diarmuid Ó Cinnéide is sadly under the impression he is ‘famous’ famous, if reports circulating in his local community are to be believed. The veteran actor and two-time cover star of the Sunday Independent’s Life magazine, has made it known to people in his local area, through his actions and… Read more »

Dublin Girl Sort Of ‘Done’ With All These Dead Migrant Stories

DUBLIN girl Emer Reilly has confessed to being somewhat frustrated by the prevalence of images depicting dead migrants on her Facebook feed. These social media posts, coupled with the several normally reliant celebrity gossip sites choosing to report on the crisis have resulted in the Dublin native becoming quite irritated. “It’s like, at first it… Read more »

WWN Guide To Starting College

MANY new students have taken to colleges up and down the country this week, but with little experience of third level education it can be a perilous and scary time. Let WWN guide you through what could well be an awkward bedding in period with some simple tips and information. For those students who have… Read more »