Child Labour Inquiry As Indian Boy (12) Admits Ghostwriting Tweets For Donald Trump

THE United States Department of Labor is to launch a full investigation into Donald Trump’s Twitter account today after it was revealed a 12-year-old Indian boy ghostwrote for the American business magnate for just 12 cents an hour. Mohammed Petal, who studies English in school, admitted to working for the Trump foundation since 2010, aged only seven…. Read more »

Toothpaste Scientist Not Sure How Much More Advanced Product Can Get

WORLD renowned toothpaste scientist Prof. Conrad Lee admitted today that his team is all out of ideas when it comes to further advancing the product, claiming they have already covered every possible formula. Lee, who works with several toothpaste manufacturers across the world, believes the industry should “quit while it’s ahead” and not keep reinventing something that just… Read more »