Plumber Proud Of Himself For Only Overcharging Customer By €100 This Time


A DUBLIN based plumber is said to be beaming with pride following an unusual business transaction with a new customer, WWN has learned.

Gary Flynn was called to the house of Teresa Quinn, a mother-of-five who couldn’t stop a leak under her kitchen sink, and was astonished by his own generosity in reducing the extent to which he ripped her off.

“All I had to do was tighten a connection and that, I’d usually say the whole system had to come out, and we’re into four figure sums at that point. But, you know what? I was quite proud of myself when my kind streak kicked in,” Gary explained to WWN.

Shortly after staring at the leak, the experienced plumber inhaled deeply several times while saying ‘yeah, there’s your problem there’ as a nervous Mrs. Quinn looked on.

“Sometimes you just have pat yourself on the back, this call out had all the potential of getting myself, the wife and the kids a holiday to Spain next summer, but I resisted the temptation and just fixed it right away,” the 39-year-old explained, smiling proudly from ear to ear.

The plumber’s generosity appeared all the more remarkable when taking into account the fact that Mrs. Quinn took her sweet time offering Gary a cup of tea.

Capping off of truly extraordinary day’s work Gary told Mrs. Quinn he would be back within the hour, only to return 4 hours later with the replacement compression nut part worth 95 cent.

“Charging her €100 quid for that part, I think it proves not all plumbers are bad, ya know?” Gary concluded.