4 Minor Surgeries Kate Middleton Should Get To Look More Like Diana


LIKE absolutely everyone else, we ADORE Kate Middleton. Be it her new hair or that red dress she wore at the recent state banquet with the Chinese PM. She is our girl crush to end all girl crushes.

However, despite filling the Diana shaped hole in all our hearts, we definitely get the sense she could try a little harder at looking that bit more like Princess Di.

So, we’ve put together a list of four minor surgeries Kate should get, if she is really taking the public’s affection for her seriously:

1) Nose job.


A cheeky rhinoplasty isn’t all that big of a deal these days, and recovery in hospital will take a day, two days max. While her nose is, strictly speaking, just lovely, it isn’t Diana’s nose lovely.

2) Chin augmentation.


We’re not for a minute suggesting Kate’s chin isn’t the envy of so many of us, but if she wants to reach the level of adulation Lady Di reached, a quick tidy of the chin would go a long way to helping. Mentoplasty, to give it its proper name, would see Kate’s chin gain a little more symmetry, becoming a little more angular just like Diana’s. If we’re being honest Kate’s chin is her most un-Diana-esque quality.

3) Eye transplants.


While the world’s first successful whole-eye transplant has yet to be achieved, a corneal transplant, however, should be a walk in the park for Kate. While we would never say it, Kate has been criticised for having sultry, suggestive eyes so it is time for ‘out with the green, in with dashing, regal, and fraught with heartache blue eyes’. Yet another step closer to looking like Diana.

4) Skin graft.


We simply can’t escape the fact that Kate’s skin is that bit darker than Diana’s beautiful porcelain skin tone. Sure, Kate could just bleach her skin, but if she was taking this transformation seriously, the only option is your basic, run of the mill skin graft. Awash with alabaster, Kate could take her adoration to the next level. Skin grafts are covered on the NHS too, which should put Kate’s mind at ease when it comes to medical bills associated with these necessary procedures.