Local Man Defies Doctors By Never Walking Again


WHEN doctors told Ger Cooney that there was a 99.9% he would walk again after a car accident, he refused to believe them, and vowed to never put foot to pavement again for the remainder of his working life.

Cooney, from the seaside town of Dunmore East, baffled experts by not walking out of hospital after being given the all-clear by specialists.

“They said there was nothing wrong with my back and I could just walk out the door,” the 59-year-old told WWN. “I just refused to believe them. There was no way I was accepting that.”

On October 6th, Mr. Cooney was on his way home from work when a motorist slammed into the back of his car after failing to see him stop suddenly at a roundabout.

“Some old woman rear-ended me after I stopped dead on the road for no reason,” he explained. “I immediately called my insurance company about back injury payouts and decided it was in my best interest to remain still in my car-seat.”

The full-time plasterer was then transported to Ardkeen Hospital for a full scan, which revealed a minor inflammation in his back muscles.

“Cha-ching!” Cooney exclaimed. “I’m 6 years away from retiring and there was no way in hell I was gonna walk out that door without a fight.”

Incredibly, just minutes after doctors told him he was going to walk again, the father of children was unable to move his legs, forcing him back to his €75 per night hospital bed.

“Thankfully, my insurance will cover this and any loss of earnings over the next few years; until the court case,” he added. “All I will say to people is ‘believe in yourself’ and ignore what modern science tells you.”

Following further opinion, Ger Cooney is expected to remain bedridden for the rest of his working life thanks to his strong will and determination.

“It’s a miracle if you ask me,” he concluded, reaching over for the spinal ward’s only TV remote control. “I just hope the rest of the invalids here like Judge Judy.”