Pedestrian Hopes Homeless Man Doesn’t Hear His Collection Of 1c & 2c Rattle On Way To Bank


A DUBLIN man who is in a desperate race against time to get to his local bank to cash in his 1c and 2c coins really hopes the homeless man he just passed didn’t hear his change rattling.

“I just don’t want him to get the wrong impression, that like, I’m selfish like, and wouldn’t give him any spare coppers,” 28-year-old Dubliner Alan Griffin explained to WWN as he emptied a huge pile of change onto the counter of a nearby bank employee.

“I’d give him the change normally, but like, today is do or die for me with the small coins, and I’ll be honest, I could really do with the change as money is seriously tight,” Griffin said of the €17.65 total sum which would go some way to paying for a few pints later after work.

Griffin was confident that he avoided an acute sense of mortification, while passing by 26-year-old homeless man Sean Dignam using a method which saw Griffin carefully gripping his pile of change in his pocket in an effort to reduce the jangling noise.

“Every bone in my body told me to speed up as a saw him, but the key to limiting to sound of change jangling is actually to slow down ever so slightly. Not many people know that. I reckon he couldn’t hear it at all, so that saves me from some serious feelings of guilt,” concluded Griffin.