On This Day 1946: ‘Worrying Reading Trend Ruining Family Interaction’


“A WORRYING new trend in which people spend hours every day reading newspapers and books is being blamed for a worrying decrease in family interaction, and can even ruin your relationship, a new study claims this week.

Over the past 50 years, an alarming number of people are becoming educated enough to actually read newspapers unaided, with many of those spending up to four hours a day ignoring the world around them.

“Everywhere you go now people have their heads stuck in a book or newspaper,” head researcher of the study Thomas Patterson explains. “This is ultimately killing relationships between family members and friends. Apart from this, the physical dangers of having your head down are frightening, with some people now getting ‘reading neck’, a condition associated with the curvature of the spine.”

With the ongoing advancement of modern printing, it is estimated that 93% of the world will have ‘reading neck’ by 2010, and will resemble something akin to human giraffes.

Please consult your local GP or priest if you or a family member are worried about ‘reading neck’.”