Gay Priest Can Fuck Right Off, Confirms Pope Francis


A GAY Roman Catholic priest who was fired from his position within the Vatican after he revealed he was in a homosexual relationship has been told by Pope Francis to “fuck right off”.

While Pope Francis is the most forward thinking and progressive Pope in Pope history, Polish born priest Krzysztof Charamsa accused the Vatican of making the lives of homosexuals around the world a “hell”.

“Ah, no Francis is doing his best. Yer man was probably too gay, I doubt it’s Pope Francis’s fault,” explained 25-year-old amateur Catholic Aisling Healy, “like, Pope Francis is class, he doesn’t think gay lads should burn in Hell for eternity, well, secretly he probably doesn’t”.

Charasma went on to state he would “publicly reject the violence of the Church towards homosexual, lesbian, bisexual, transsexual and intersexual people”, but Vatican insiders have confirmed Pope Francis has told him, in a brief three word statement, to “fuck right off”.

“It’s not even about him being gay, it’s that he’s supposed to be celibate. It’s only fair he should have been stripped of his position on the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith,” explained Ciaran Lyons, who somehow still thinks he’s getting into Heaven despite his continued use of condoms during pre-marital intercourse.

The subsequent resignation by Charamsa, and his criticism of the Church serves as a blow to the veneer of Pope Francis as a progressive 78-year-old man who believes he is the direct representative on Earth of a big man in the sky.

And more worryingly a recent poll on Buzzfeed which stated Pope Francis would be the most likely Pope tattoo readers would get now looks to lay in tatters.