Rugby World Cup Still On, Apparently


IN A surprising turn of events, it seems that the 2015 Rugby World Cup is still ongoing, despite most people believing that it ended a fortnight ago.

Matches took place at the weekend between Australia and South Africa, and Argentina and New Zealand; which came as news to thousands of people who thought the tournament was long over.

For most of the home nation fans, the RWC finals ended after neither England, Ireland, Scotland or Wales managed to make it further than the quarter-final stages.

The fact that the tournament continued after these teams were beaten has never occurred to the majority of these fans, and many expressed shock and bemusement to learn that there was still several games left to go.

“The Rugby World Cup? Is that thing still going on?” asked Brian Jennings, a Dublin fan who attended the Ireland vs Argentina match almost a fortnight ago.

“To be honest, after it was whittled down to the four teams, I stopped paying any attention. Sure, it’s South Africa, Australia and New Zealand as usual. Who fucking cares?”

Although the vast majority of people have forgotten all about the RWC, there still exists a die-hard contingent of fans who will watch the remaining couple of games, mostly because it’s an excuse to head down to the pub for an hour or two.