The Complete History Of UFC In Ireland


CURRENT UFC interim featherweight champion Conor McGregor claimed that “we’re not here to take part, we’re here to take over”, but Irish people have been taking part in Mixed Martial Arts long before the stylish fighter stepped into an octagon. With just over 24 hours to go before UFC Dublin kicks off at a sold-out 3 Arena, WWN takes a look at a complete history of MMA in Ireland.

Finn McCool

The first MMA bout in Ireland took place between legendary warrior Finn McCool and a Scottish giant called Benandonner. The bout consisted mainly of McCool dodging Bebabdonner’s strikes and using his cunning to eke out a victory on points. The clash of titans was held on the Giants Causeway, where locals carved commemorative hexagons into the cliff-side; a forerunner to the octagon used in MMA today.

Cu Chulainn

It was the grudge match of the ages; a five-day battle between the Notorious Cu Chulainn and his foster brother Ferdia, in a sold-out Ardee arena. Ferdia, battling for his honour after Queen Maebh called him out for being a chickenshit, got the better of Cu Chulainn throughout the earlier days, but a stunning 5th day spear strike to “every corner” of Ferdias body meant Cu Chulainn emerged victorious.

Brian Boru

1014 in Clontarf was the venue for the first officially branded UFC event, or ÚFC as it was known at the time. High King of Ireland Brian Boru put up a good fight, but Viking mercenary Brodir gained the upper hand following a critical axe blow to the back of Boru’s skull.

Michael Collins

The Long Fellah was known for his excellent reach, making him a fierce striker in the octagon. Also known for his fearsome submission skills on the mat, Collins had an impressive 88-0 record against various members of the Black and Tans before he fell to a sharpshooting younger rival at UFC Cork in 1922.

Brian Cowan

Fianna Fáil leader and Taoiseach of Ireland Brian Cowan faced off against the might of Angela Merkel towards the end of his career, a stand-off which ended in the Offaly man’s complete and utter humiliation after his pre-match bluster and swagger lead to nothing. Beaten into submission, Cowan tapped out and granted the sovereignty of Ireland to the ECB in mere seconds.