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Trump Note Includes Instructions To Not Grab Any Pussies

CLOSER inspection of a note spotted in the hands of President Donald Trump at a discussion about the Parkland school shooting has revealed a number of notes and guidelines seemingly written by POTUS himself, including ‘don’t mention grabbing pussies’, ‘try steer things back to the stock market’, and ‘blame violence on Schwartchennegger [sic] movies’. As he… Read more »

Guns To Phase Out Americans By 2050

A DISTURBING REPORT issued by the International Centre For Research (ICFR) has estimated that guns are on course to phase out Americans by 2050, WWN has learned. With the number of people suffering horrific and violent gun deaths in America exceeding 33,000 per year, it is believed when this harrowing statistic is combined with an… Read more »

America Officially Renames The Middle East ‘Problemistan’

Following the latest upheaval in northern Iraq, a decision to rename the Middle East region was reached by the Obama administration late last night. Some 11 years after America’s invasion of Iraq and 13 years after the war in Afghanistan began, the Middle East still provides a rather large headache for the ‘leader of the… Read more »

Ireland Preparing Itself For Influx Of J1 Pictures On Social Media

WWN has learned that as many as 84,000 images will be uploaded every hour by Irish students in America this Summer. The rite of passage known as the ‘J1’ involves countless happy-go-lucky and hard-working students becoming addicted to gloating, leaving those elsewhere struggling to enjoy using social media. “I would of course go outside and… Read more »