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Press This Button To Cancel Brexit

Action loading. Connecting to European Commission servers. Loading. Processing. Loading. Complete. CONGRATULATIONS Theresa! 🎉🎉🎉 You’ve done it, you have successfully cancelled Brexit! What relief you must be feeling. Don’t worry that sensation coursing through your body is called adrenaline, and that thing expanding out across your face where scowl used to be is called a… Read more »

Trump Suffering From Crippling Vietnam Flashbacks

DISPLAYING all the hallmarks of someone who has been through a horribly traumatic ordeal that will leave a lasting mark on their psyche, President Trump continues to suffer from debilitating Vietnam flashbacks. The intense and viscerally vibrant recollections of his tour of presidential duty first came on once he had boarded Air Force One, after… Read more »

Jeremy Corbyn Wakes From 2-Year Coma

BRITAIN is still experiencing the aftershocks of a political earthquake following Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s sudden awakening from a coma which saw him lie stationary in bed, unable to function or direct the Labour party, and trapped in a braindead-like state for roughly 2 years. Bolting upright Corbyn took in a deep breath as if… Read more »