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Noonan To Start Budget With “You’re Fucking Welcome”

LEAKED copies of the Minister For Finance’s budget speech today have outlined an opening paragraph in which Michael Noonan will acknowledge the great work he’s done for everyone, starting with the phrase ‘people of Ireland… you’re fucking welcome’. First-time buyers, the elderly, the ‘stretched middle’ and even TDs themselves are expected to be better off… Read more »

Noonan To Rehearse Budget Speech In Local Comedy Club

“IT’S good to shake the cobwebs off when trying out new material” Minister for finance Michael Noonan shared his thoughts with us backstage at Waterford’s Giggle Fits comedy night as he used the evening to rehearse new and challenging material. “I know the audience in the Dáil are always like pussy cats, they lap it… Read more »

Reports Of Clowns Spotted In Leinster House

FOLLOWING an eerie outbreak of clown sightings across the world in recent weeks, Ireland has joined the list of countries where the creepy figures have appeared, with reports suggesting that large numbers of them were spotted in Leinster House. The strange phenomenon was first reported in America, where a number of kids made claims that… Read more »