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Varadkar Arrives Home With Canadian Accent

“I’VE had a look at what the British are proposing for the Northern Ireland border, and I don’t think they know what they’re talking aboot,” said Leo Varadkar at a press conference during his first official visit to Canada, prompting a sea of reporters hands in the air. “Mr. Varadkar, did you just say ‘aboot’,” asked… Read more »

Border Fears Grow As Brexit Plan To Make It Even Harder To Buy Fireworks

ALTHOUGH the British government has insisted that there will be no Brexit-imposed return to a ‘hard border’ between the Republic of Ireland and Northern Ireland, fears are growing for the future of the fireworks industry ahead of the Halloween 2017. With Downing Street reaffirming that trade across the border will remain ‘seamless and frictionless’, on-the-ground… Read more »

Leaked Photos Link Corbyn To Known International Terrorist

DAMNING photos which show Labour party leader Jeremy Corbyn talking to a notorious international terrorist have been found online, reinforcing calls in Westminster for the traitor to step down. The photos, which span over the last 20 years, show Corbyn discussing matters of state with former Prime Minister Tony Blair, whose decision to commit British… Read more »

Toddler Banging On Pots And Pans Appointed As New White House Communications Director

“Hey! Look at me. I making music,” exclaimed newly appointed White House Communications director, 4-year-old Tabatha Charles, as she banged on several pots and pans with a pair of drumsticks in her first press conference this morning in Washington DC. The toddler, the daughter of billionaire property developer and Trump friend Jonathan Charles, was carefully… Read more »