Get All Your Depressing Housing News In 60 Seconds


WHY READ 49 separate articles today about all the depressing developments in the Irish housing market when WWN can deliver all the demoralising gut punches that make you want to vomit-scream in one handy place, and all in under 60 seconds.

Well don’t just sit there like a landlord’s passive income, get reading!

– The Taoiseach has admitted those ‘rapid builds’ that were announced as part of a bid to increase housing stock have turned out to neither rapid nor actually built.

– The house on the left of the above picture is somehow worth €495,000.

– People in Minister for No Housing Darragh O’Brien’s own constituency can’t even get affordable housing, with the Dun Emer development delayed by nearly a year.

– Rent for new tenancies has risen like a Viagra Users’ Anonymous meeting and increased by 9% year on year.

– While lying is usually left to vacant coalition politicians who massage housing figures to make it appear like their policies are working, there are 3,500 council owned properties lying vacant throughout the country.

– Just joined the housing list? Good news; you’re just 98,001st in the queue.

– The renting section’s now just redirects to tents for sale.

– Available student accommodation joins Santa, the tooth fairy and Ashton Kutcher and Mila Kunis’ genuinely contrition on the list of things that don’t exist.

– Just the 12,800 homeless.

Check back tomorrow for a fresh dose of housing news more depressing than a cinema marathon of Schindler’s List, Manchester By The Sea and Angela’s Ashes where trailers beforehand are made entirely by Irish road safety adverts.