Far Left Marxist Confirms Ireland Will Recognise State Of Palestine


A POSSIBLE Hamas sleeper agent has been activated and is talking openly in New York at the UN about Ireland possibly recognising the Palestinian state, the Israeli government can confirm.

“A man so repulsive and twisted in his thinking his own head hair has abandoned him has in recent days spoken of Palestine as an actual recongised entity,” explained a spokesperson for the Israeli government.

Israeli state officials confirmed the man in question likely obsesses over building social housing for the masses, providing a functioning free health service and constantly defends armed struggles of any kind. The man should be avoided at all costs.

“The only reasonable conclusion is that this far left Marxist extremist has lost of connection to reality,” added the spokesperson.

The individual who the Israeli state believe is going by the Arab name Micheál Martin is attempting to radicalise people into falsely believing Palestinians shouldn’t have their land stolen and rights trampled on.

One irrefutable point made my Israel which strengthens their case against Martin is the fact he was walking around Israel just two weeks ago talking about how sending condolences to the German people in the wake of Hilter’s death was very much in the ‘seems grand’ category of behaviour.

“We also believe this far left maniac may have stolen an Irish passport for nefarious purposes and believe us, we know how easy that is,” confirmed Israeli intelligence services.