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“Here, I’ll Give You A Tax Cut If You Promise Not To Moan About Homelessness”

THE Taoiseach has begun indicating through the official arm of the government’s communications department, known locally as the media, that it is his intention to bestow upon middle income earners a tax break in exchange for a reduction in the number of people caring about real solutions to homelessness and the housing crisis. “We’re not… Read more »

Cost Of Rental Deposits Capped At One Kidney

THE GOVERNMENT has stepped up its efforts to help people struggling in the rental market, by imposing a cap on the maximum amount that landlords can demand for a security deposit. The reforms will see people in rent pressure zones such as cities giving just a single viable kidney as a security deposit, as opposed to… Read more »

Adams Vows To Hold Sinn Féin Back For Another Few Years

SINN FÉIN leader Gerry Adams has today confirmed he will again seek nomination as the party’s president, promising to hold them back from progressing on from their questionable past for another few years, while he concentrates on finalising his Republican legacy. Unhappy with the party’s current options for leadership, Adams, if re-elected, said he will be examining a… Read more »

Government To House Homeless Families In Ikea

SWEDISH furniture giants Ikea have agreed to a new scheme which will see several homeless families housed in the display showrooms of their flagship Ballymun branch, it has been revealed. In total, 12 families of varying sizes will be accommodated in the luxurious roof-free mock apartments in the showrooms, which the government has proudly announced will… Read more »