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It’s The DWWNWCRU (Daily WWN World Cup Round Up)

IT was a disappointing day for fans of laughing uncontrollably at the misfortunes of the English football team as Harry Kane’s late winner helped his team get off to a winning start. Those concerned that the lack of a colossal fuck from England could bring an end to the merciless mocking of the English media’s… Read more »

It’s The DWWNWCRU (Daily WWN World Cup Round Up)

WWN has the latest from the World Cup. With 4 games on yesterday, many fans have suffered from ‘football exhaustion’, propping their eyeballs open with matchsticks in order to get all the way to the final whistle of Croatia v Nigeria, however, there was little complaining as most fans confirmed ‘gimme 5,6,7,8 games a day,… Read more »

It’s The DWWNWCRU (Daily WWN World Cup Round Up)

WWN brings you the latest for Russia 2018. Please patient as we trudge through to the boring stuff or just skip forward for the Ronaldo stuff. Much of Egypt v Uruguay was spent waiting around for Mo Salah to make an appearance and such was the devotion of the Egyptian fans in the stadium toward… Read more »

It’s The DWWNWCRU (Daily WWN World Cup Round Up)

WWN and dedicated team of reporters in Russia will be bringing all the latest from the World Cup groups stages and beyond. After an opening ceremony that was best viewed after dropping some acid and ignoring Robbie Williams, and the fact he was tastefully dressed by his blind Aunt as a full blown mid-life crisis,… Read more »

Sound Like A World Cup Expert With These 15 Facts

ENTERED into an office World Cup sweepstakes draw? Facing the prospect of being forced to watch game after game by your partner, housemates, friends or family? Or have you oversold your football knowledge in bid to fit in? Check out WWN Sport’s 15 essential World Cup facts you can use to impress everyone with, sounding… Read more »

Grown Man Needs Neymar Jr. If Anyone Has Him

LOCAL adult Peter Wishan has posted a plea on his social media feeds this morning urging anyone with a spare Neymar Jr. Panini World Cup 2018 sticker to come forward, adding that he has ‘loads of doubles for swopsies’. Wishan, pushing 40, needs only the elusive Brazilian forward to complete his World Cup album, after… Read more »

Russia Trial Bear Referees For Upcoming World Cup

AFTER a recent spate of unsavoury incidents involving the intimidation of referees, Russia has proposed an innovative solution to the cancer on football that is professional footballers. Famed for constantly diving to win penalties, cheating to gain minor advantages throughout each second of a game and having shit haircuts, footballers are potentially the only element… Read more »