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Local Kid Can’t Believe Parents Call That A Day’s ‘Work’

A FRANKLY astonished 8-year-old Irish child is questioning everything he thought he knew about his parents after witnessing their half-arsed attempts at looking busy as they continue to ‘work’ from home. “Mum’s words-per-minute typing is fucking awful, she’s going at a snail’s pace and only using her index fingers, and himself? He’s been on the… Read more »

Work Friend Thinks You’re Her Friend Friend

A SERIES of embarrassing misunderstandings have led one work colleague to misread the signs and conclude that she is your friend friend and not merely your work friend, WWN can exclusively reveal. Noreen in HR has often provided amiable company in the office with polite small talk when passing in the corridor, however, her the… Read more »

Here’s Our Unpaid, Overworked Intern With An Article About The Gender Pay Gap

IT’S NEVER been more important to advocate for parity of pay among the sexes. We here of the trailblazing feminist-first Gash publication know the importance of pursuing this issue more than anyone. For example; how the underrepresented are often placated with empty gestures such as a token, one-off article proclaiming the heralding in of substantial… Read more »

New Girl No Craic

THE votes are in; the new female hire at a Waterford office has beenĀ found to beĀ ‘zero craic’ by her male co-workers, who have found her to be a poor replacement for the girl who just left, who you could at least talk to. The naturally shy Carrie Whelan was brought round and introduced to her… Read more »