Work Friend Thinks You’re Her Friend Friend


A SERIES of embarrassing misunderstandings have led one work colleague to misread the signs and conclude that she is your friend friend and not merely your work friend, WWN can exclusively reveal.

Noreen in HR has often provided amiable company in the office with polite small talk when passing in the corridor, however, her the demeanour and informality with which she now engages in conversation suggests the worst has happened and she thinks you are ‘friends’ friends’.

“We see this kind of thing all the time,” shared Work Relations Commissioner Eddy Mallon, “you go for one off-the-premises lunch, talk about Martin in finance’s horrendous wig that’s fooling no one and then Bam! You’re being called ‘work bestie’, ‘work wife’ or the dreaded ‘bestie'”.

While Mallon was short on advice for anyone trying to extricate themselves from an unwanted friendship friendship that was just there to help make the day go by quicker, there are small measures that can be taken.

“Always have an excuse in your head for why you can’t meet up after work or at weekends. When the time comes and the likes of Noreen get all ‘ooh we should so do brunch’ you can fob her off with the old ‘sorry I can’t, I’m getting my arm removed’ or ‘actually I would only my cat is getting a divorce’,” finished Mallon.