“That Bitch At Work Really Tied My Life Together”, Accepts Local Woman


WATERFORD woman Meredith Harkin has broken down and admitted that the thing she’s missing the most from her normal pre-Covid-19 daily life is the one thing she thought she hated the most; her despised co-worker, Sheila Whelan.

HR manager Harkin, 32, sobbed openly as she attempted to discuss ‘that fucking dose Whelan’ in her Waterford home today, where she and her family have been isolating themselves and working from home since lockdown kicked in last month.

Harkin admitted that her daily run-ins with her nemesis Whelan were in actual fact the cornerstone of her very existence, and gave her something that she no longer has now that she’s working from home; something to complain about.

“I’m at home, I’m productive, I’ve got the kids here, I’m happy… and yet, I miss Sheila. I miss that loudmouth bitch more and more every day” sobbed Harkin, speaking exclusively to her disinterested family.

“She really was the cornerstone of my day, from avoiding her like the plague all day, to making snide remarks every time she opened her trap, to feeling disgusted at her terrible dress-sense and plastered on make-up. And then even when I got home in the evenings, I could have a good 30 minute rant about her. And now, nothing. My life is just so empty. I just want her back”.

WWN reached out to Sheila Whelan for her thoughts on the subject, but she simply replied ‘Meredith who?’