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Tradesmen Now Going For Millions On Black Market

HOMEOWNERS desperate for paint jobs, attic conversions and various other ‘few little bits’ jobs done around the house are parting with eye-watering amounts of money on the black market, according to a new report that suggests that a tradesman with the ability to tile could fetch as much as 1.4 million to do a downstairs… Read more »

Woman Might Wear Good Pajamas Today To Feel Fancy

“DON’T dress for the lockdown you’re in, dress for the lockdown you’d like to be in” said Waterford woman Sheila McTavert this morning, changing out of her ‘nighttime’ pajamas and into her ‘daytime’ pajamas. McTavert, 32, opted for a fresh pair of PJs this morning having spent the majority of last week working from home… Read more »