Woman Might Wear Good Pajamas Today To Feel Fancy


“DON’T dress for the lockdown you’re in, dress for the lockdown you’d like to be in” said Waterford woman Sheila McTavert this morning, changing out of her ‘nighttime’ pajamas and into her ‘daytime’ pajamas.

McTavert, 32, opted for a fresh pair of PJs this morning having spent the majority of last week working from home in her well-worn Penneys jammies, stating that even though it was a weekday, it would be nice to feel like a bit of a lady today.

“I’ve only got two Zoom calls today so there’s no sense in getting fully dressed” explained McTavert who, like most of her co-workers, has long since given up.

“But it’ll be nice to wear fresh pajamas for a change. Or if I’m feeling sporty I might wear my new gym leggings, you know, the ones that have never seen the inside of a gym”.

In a further twist to what is turning out to be a real ‘treat yo’self’ day, McTavert has committed to pulling a comb through her hair for the first time in weeks, with the prospect of putting it up in a bun also being considered.

“It’s a good job I haven’t gone completely mad from isolation, loneliness and what’s another synonym for being alone?” mused Sheila, who hasn’t seen anyone outside of a Zoom call in three months except for those individuals that she buys food from.

“Anyways, time to settle in for another hour-long Zoom meeting so that I can feel like I’m actually making some sort of contribution to life and society. I kinda remember a time when this wasn’t the only thing I did, but here we are”.

McTavert also mentioned how she’s looking forward to changing back into her night-time jammies at the end of the day, so she knows when one day has ended and the next will soon begin.