Builder Bullied By Colleagues For Immaculately Kept Work Van


A WATERFORD labourer has been subjected to some vicious slagging over the good condition he has keep his work van in, leaving him feeling isolated and bullied.

“Had I known I’d be getting the piss ripped like this, I’d have emptied a few bins from McDonalds into the van. Fucking hell, they don’t let you away with anything,” explained Glen Power, of his spotless van which failed to smell like a dead seagull wrapped in a tramp’s crotch.

Such was the sustained insults leveled at Power, he even longed for the good old days of classic building sight banter which focused instead on telling a colleagues they suck dicks for a living.

“Check out Marie fucking Kondo over here,” berated colleague Gary Shields, who would normally be ribbed for possessing such pop culture references but was given a pass on account of sparking laughter among his fellow labourers.

“Where’s the pride in being a builder? I didn’t have to fuck a load of shite off the seat to get in? Where’s the dust, the splashes of paint, I can see the fucking floor. Any time he has to go back to the van he finds the tool he needs instantly, it’s embarrassing,” continued Shields, not about to let up on Power for breaking a sacred rule followed by tradespeople everywhere.

With the van parked up alongside the site, some members of the public also commented on the disgraceful scenes lamenting the fact the spot exterior meant it was impossible to scrawl ‘this van is filthier than your Ma’ through non-existent dust.