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Charity Regulator Admits It Didn’t Know It Had To Regulate Charities

THE office of Ireland’s Charities Regulatory Authority made an embarrassing admission about its role in regulating and monitoring charities, WWN can reveal. As fallout from the Console charity scandal continues, more questions are being asked of the country’s charities regulator, which has no legal power to the launch statutory investigations into charities due to the… Read more »

“I Was Just Playing Pokémon GO”, Burglar Tells Court

A COUNTY Waterford man with 987 previous convictions who was caught trying to remove a 50″ Plasma TV from a home that wasn’t his, claimed he was ‘just playing Pokémon GO’ at the time, and had mistaken the electrical appliance for a Jigglypuff. Martin Freeman, 48, a self-confessed drug addict and video game enthusiast, pleaded with Judge William… Read more »

Leo Varadkar Just Slut-Dropped In The Dáil

NOT to be outdone by Independent TD Richard Boyd Barrett, Fine Gael’s Leo Varadkar took the the floor in Leinster House and performed a picture-perfect slut-drop in front of the assembly. Boyd Barrett, who yesterday “dabbed” during the day’s debates, was less than impressed at Varadkar’s moves as he watched from his bench. A hushed… Read more »

Monaghan Cows Had Two Weeks To Go To Retirement

ADDING further tragedy to an already tragic situation, it has been revealed that five cows shot dead by the Irish army this week were only a fortnight away from retirement. The shocking incident in Carrickmacross, Co. Monaghan, occurred as part of a bankruptcy suit against a local farmer, in which bailiffs decided that herding the… Read more »