“There’s Always Euro 2060” Confirm Irish Fans


IRISH FANS desperately trying to find a silver lining to being embarrassed and outclassed by Wales, in no small part due to a gulf in class and clueless tactics, have surmised that the Irish senior men’s football team can always aim for the 2060 European Championships if Euro 2020 and every other tournament before 2060 proves to be out of reach.

While Martin O’Neill is likely to still, inexplicably be in charge of the team in 2060, the Euro 2060 tournament will have expanded to include over 400 countries so qualifying should be within Ireland’s grasp.

O’Neill bravely took the blame for the 4-1 loss to Ryan Giggs’s Wales side by candidly admitting in a post match press conference with RTÉ’s Tony O’Donoghue that “the players I have are fucking shit. It’s all their fault. It’s the fault of Wales too. It’s disgusting to see a side so intent on playing football with tactics and a game plan and genuinely enjoying the game – sickening”.

Steam then briefly came out of the ears of the Irish manager before he headbutted O’Donoghue, cutting the interview short.

“Look you never know by 2060, we might have a manager…no, like, that’s it. I mean, we might have someone who resembles an actual manager, who does things you’d expect of a manager,” confirmed a growing number of Irish fans who would love to see the national side complete three passes in succession at some point this century.

“At this rate its getting so bad I’ll have to start getting into the fucking rugby or something,” added a concerned fan.

Elsewhere, a new record was recorded in Irish football as Ireland’s 4-1 loss is the first thing in Irish footballing history FAI head honcho John Delaney has refused to take credit or praise for.