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Average Salary Of An Accountant Still The Most Exciting Thing About An Accountant

NEWS that the average salary of a chartered accountant in Ireland has climbed to over €100,000, has served as another reminder their sizeable income is still the most compelling thing about them. While engaging in interesting small talk with accountants has always been rumoured to occur occasionally, but never proven, sustained levels of amusing exchanges… Read more »

Waterford Man Found Drowned In Own Arse Gravy

ATTEMPTS today to resuscitate a Waterford man found face down in a pool of his own arse gravy were unsuccessful, prompting emergency services to issue a red arse gravy warning as temperatures continue to soar across the country. Liam Finnuchan, 37, drowned in his car as he attempted to revel into Waterford city in scorching… Read more »

Waterford Man ‘Fucking Thrilled’ Galway Won European Capital Of Culture Bid

A COUNTY Waterford man was said to be ‘fucking thrilled’ today after hearing news Galway won with its bid for the European Capital Of Culture in 2020. Businessman Tom O’Brien stated that he could hardly contain his excitement following the judges announcement earlier, claiming that Waterford didn’t need the 170 million euro investment anyway. “I’m… Read more »

Ireland’s 26% Economic Growth: The Facts

WHAT does Ireland’s astonishing 2015 growth mean for us as a people, a nation and society? You’ll have heard a lot guff about ‘leprechaun economics with some economic scholars going as far to say our 26% growth in GDP is ‘a load of fucking nonsense altogether’. But are they right? WWN seeks to clear up… Read more »

Gardaí Apply For Their Own Dallas Bomb Robot

THE future of law enforcement could be about to hit a town near you, after An Garda Síochána put in a bid to get their very own remote-controlled executioner robot like the one used to kill the Dallas sniper. Micah X. Johnson was involved in a shooting incident during a rally in Dallas last week,… Read more »