GQ Men Of The Year Awards Snubs Dad Who Changed Shitty Nappy Without Waking Baby


ONCE again, the GQ Men Of The Year Awards have managed to completely snub the true shining examples of manliness in this world, including father-of-one Declan Jennings, who carried off the save of the century in March when he changed his infant son’s poo-ey nappy without waking the child up from the first big sleep he’d had in nearly a month.

The Waterford father-of-one had eagerly awaited a nomination in the category of ‘International Man of The Year’, believing his achievements to be up there with anything from the arts, sports or entertainment worlds, a ‘once-in-a-lifetime’ victory that should stand as an inspiration to fathers around the globe.

“Chadwick Boseman, ‘International Man of The Year’… Chad, I liked Black Panther, but let’s see you wet-wipe Weetabix out of a child’s arse without waking him up” fumed Jennings, whose wife Keeley had showered him with praise for saving their precious night in front of the telly with his skills.

“And look at this lad over here, this fucking Jonathan Yeo chap, a painter… he’s painter of the year? I painted that nursery in there, you’d want to see the state of it when I got to it first. Now look at it; I drew that Tigger in there by hand. Hi, Yeo, paint me a Tigger with a 4″ roller set from Woodies and then tell me you’re better than me”.

Jennings was not alone on the snub list, which also opted for stars such as Harry Kane, Sacha Baron Cohen and Johnny Marr over men like Will Hanlon, who scored a cracking goal to secure victory for his work team Aughterard Meats United over their hated rivals Drews’ Shoes FC at astro last Friday, or Dublin man Steve Finlay, who after five years living with his girlfriend finally learned the ‘right way’ to sit on the toilet.