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Kim Kardashian Stuns In Taliban Designed Dress At Met Gala

CONFOUNDING & ASTOUNDING in equal measure Kim Kardashian shocked the fashion world last night as she went with unknown and little heralded designer Taliban and debuted an innovative and striking look on the red carpet. Just one of countless rich people enjoying a well-deserved night out Kardashian’s head-to-toe get up has been described by fashion… Read more »

“You Were There With Me Through Thick And Thin” The Emotional Letter This Man Wrote To His Lockdown Jocks

ON THE day of non-essential retail reopening across Ireland, allowing people to finally purchase clothing items following a near 6-month lockdown, one local man took the time to reflect on his now tattered collection of boxers, penning them an emotional letter and thanking them for supporting him all the way. “Dear Jocks, Many of you… Read more »

Local Gang Of Youths Sign Sponsorship Deal With North Face

A FEARSOME gang of youths aka ‘just some kids’, known for terrorising the locality by gathering in groups of as many as 7,000 to stand around outside a shop, have signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with clothing brand The North Face. “It’s important to express ourselves as individuals and really explore our burgeoning personalities through… Read more »

Delusional Man Buys Medium Sized T-shirt

DESPITE repeated purchases online resulting in dozens of ill-fitting clothes now lying in the bottom clothes drawer, Darren Mackey has once again chosen the ‘M’ option for his €49 T-shirt choice, reassuring himself that this time the top will fit perfectly. “If it’s too small it can go in the drawer with the rest of… Read more »

Nostril Plaits: The Next Big Fashion Trend?

NOSTRIL hair has long been frowned upon by society as a ghastly sight, forcing aging men, and women, to trim their nose hair out of shame, but thanks to an ever-inclusive society, Ireland has led the way in a new technique called ‘nose dressing’, WWN reports. “Contrary to popular belief, growing your nose hair is… Read more »

5 Dazzling Ensembles That Lit Up The Galway Races

THE Galway Races got underway behind closed doors yesterday afternoon amid ongoing Covid-19 public health restrictions, but that didn’t stop WWN Style from checking out what this year’s festival had to offer the world of fashion. Despite only essential personnel allowed entry to Ballybrit over the course of the week, the festival was not devoid… Read more »

Victoria’s Secret Launch Lingerie Face Mask Collection

JUST because there is a deadly pandemic raging throughout the world, doesn’t mean you have to do without expressing your vibrant, undeniable sensuality. True to this motto, leading lingerie manufacturer Victoria’s Secret paraded their ‘Corona Fantasies’ lingerie collection in front of the world for the very first time, which includes erotic and seductive respirators as… Read more »