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All The Ways Rihanna Hid Her Baby Bump

RIHANNA IS PREGNANT! Perhaps the world’s worst kept secret but we’re delighted for the Fenty Kween and A$AP Rocky. Before we knew we knew that she knew we knew, how did Rihanna keep this all under wraps until her adorable photoshoot announcement? Well according to the Mail Online, Rihanna was obsessed with keeping her pregnancy… Read more »

Kim Kardashian Stuns In Taliban Designed Dress At Met Gala

CONFOUNDING & ASTOUNDING in equal measure Kim Kardashian shocked the fashion world last night as she went with unknown and little heralded designer Taliban and debuted an innovative and striking look on the red carpet. Just one of countless rich people enjoying a well-deserved night out Kardashian’s head-to-toe get up has been described by fashion… Read more »

“You Were There With Me Through Thick And Thin” The Emotional Letter This Man Wrote To His Lockdown Jocks

ON THE day of non-essential retail reopening across Ireland, allowing people to finally purchase clothing items following a near 6-month lockdown, one local man took the time to reflect on his now tattered collection of boxers, penning them an emotional letter and thanking them for supporting him all the way. “Dear Jocks, Many of you… Read more »

Local Gang Of Youths Sign Sponsorship Deal With North Face

A FEARSOME gang of youths aka ‘just some kids’, known for terrorising the locality by gathering in groups of as many as 7,000 to stand around outside a shop, have signed a lucrative sponsorship deal with clothing brand The North Face. “It’s important to express ourselves as individuals and really explore our burgeoning personalities through… Read more »