Grown Adult Twins Informed They Don’t Have To Dress Alike, Advised To Leave That Shit In The Past


REGARDLESS of how their parents dressed them as kids, their own individual opinion on the matter or indeed a pride in their twin-ness, grown-up twins are being requested to no longer dress the same as it’s weirding everyone out.

“It’s cute when they’re kids, but after a certain age it’s just very odd” mused one woman we spoke to on the matter, adding that “after 12, they need to knock it the fuck off”.

“There’s two lads live up the road from me, in their twenties, always dressed the same. No call for it” agreed another Waterford man we spoke to, before going on to say that he finds it uncomfortable to look at two identical people at the best of times, let alone when they’re wearing matching clothes.

“If they get a discount for buying in bulk, okay, I’d accept that, but otherwise, Jesus Christ” WWN were told on the street during our extensive research into the subject.

Regardless of public opinion, two Waterford sisters have told us that they refuse to care about what other people think, and that being twins is very much who they are and they’ll continue to dress how they please.

“We rarely pay very much attention to what other people are wearing, so we don’t see why our attire is anyone’s business but our own. We share a connection as twins that we adore, and we’re super comfortable with showing that to the world in the way we dress” said identically-clad identical sisters Bridget and Pamela Kennedy, before we shut the interview down because it was like looking at the kids from The Shining.