Skims Sweatshop Worker Inspired By Kim Kardashian’s ‘Get Off Your Ass & Work’ Advice


ONE worker bringing shapewear solutions SKIMS to consumers via a production line with a stellar track record in employee rights has formally thanked Kim Kardashian for her words of encouragement in a recent Variety interview in which she advised women in business ‘to get up off your fucking ass and work. It seems like nobody wants to work anymore’.

“Technically we’re not allowed sit during our shift or we’ll be fired but I still thank Kim for her inspiring words,” shared one Chinese based worker, of indeterminate age.

“It was just the kick up the ass I needed, yes my hands are sore, I’m not earning enough to even live but Kim is just so inspiring. It’s like hashtag girl boss, hashtag believe, hashtag bow down bitches, maybe I can ask for more than my usual hours of 84 for this week,” added the worker during the sort of 45 second break that could get her fired.

“To see what can be achieve by someone who knows what it’s like to lie on her back to go on to become inspirational business owner and still remain completely in touch with reality, I’m going to stitch twice as hard as I’m forced to. This is just the boost I needed post International Women’s Day,” concluded the worker.

Other nuggets of wisdom Kardashian shared during her Variety interview included:

“Be born into rich family”.

“When you’re sued for violating labour laws and you allegedly failed to pay overtime, cover expenses and provide legally mandated breaks, just let your team of laywers handle it”.

“Have you tried not being poor, idiot”.

“Agree to have your image and name licenced by large consumer businesses who then produce endless products so you can pretend like it was all your own genius at work”.

“Talk about the importance of women in business while presiding over toxic working conditions which exploit people and offer unpaid internships only”.

“Stealing ideas from other people is free”.